Starting tomorrow, my primary phone will not be running iOS for the first time in 4 years, 6 months and 21 days. Instead I will be using a Motorola Atrix which, from the limited research I have done online, is running Android OS 2.3 more commonly known as Gingerbread. My first instinct is to root the device and install a custom version of the OS but after some thought I have decided to use the device as is (at least for now) in order to get the same experience as the everyday user. Going into the switch I have very few expectations, in fact I only have three:

  1. In general, Android will be more a more sluggish OS
  2. The UI will not nearly be as user friendly
  3. In the end, I will want to go back to iOS

For the next month or so I plan on regularly posting to this site to give my general thoughts and feelings on Android. Hopefully, after all is said I done I will be able to make an accurate comparison of the two most popular mobile OS out there today.